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Dune Sand
Supply of high quality dune sand using natural deposits.
Washed Sand
A high capacity continuous sand processing plant has been built to produce up
to 1200tph of washed sand. The product meets all Qatari & International
quality standards and has consistent low moisture content due to the unique
moisture reduction equipment installed.
Gabbro products fully complying with QCS 2014 for construction projects,
buildings and other public work projects
Gabbro aggregate sizes as follows:
Gabbro Powder 0-5mm
Gabbro 10mm
Gabbro 20mm
Gabbro 10-20mm
Gabbro 37.5mm

Backfilling Materials
Composed of 25% Dune Sand and fully complying with QCS 2014

Sub-Base (Class A, B and C)
Composed of 25% Dune Sand and 2% Gabbro Powder and fully complying with
QCS 2014
Class A Sieve: 0.075 -100 mm
Class B Sieve: 0.075 -100 mm
Class C Sieve: 0.075 -100 mm

Limestone is highly uniform and constant from local market. The quality and
hardness of material meets the QCS 2014 Standard for all projects in Qatar.
Aggregate/Limestone Powder 0-5mm
Aggregate/Limestone 5-10mm
Aggregate/Limestone 10-20mm
Aggregate/Limestone 20-30mm
Aggregate/Limestone 10mm
Aggregate/Limestone 20mm
Aggregate/Limestone 40mm
Aggregate/Limestone 20-40mm
Aggregate/Limestone 75mm
Aggregate/Limestone 75-100mm
Aggregate/Limestone 100mm
Aggregate/Limestone 150mm

Rock materials are armor rocks, boulders, under layer rocks, quarry sub base
and road base materials of different sizes
Gravel Materials
Single Size and fully complying with QCS 2014